Music Business

Matt was previously responsible for licensing and royalty collection within the music business, at the Harry Fox Agency, at the time a subsidiary of the National Music Publishers’ Association. He managed US audio royalty collection for one fourth of the music business, and one third of international royalty collection, including partner relationships with labels like Universal, Sony and Warner, and technology companies like Apple and Spotify.

Matt has experience within the audio industry, working with the consumer electronic manufacturers Human Incorporated and Samson Technologies. At Human Incorporated, Matt oversaw the Direct to Consumer business and flagship product launch for the world’s first truly wireless, on-ear headphone, building and managing the digital marketing strategy. At Samson, Matt handled new product introductions for a variety of wireless microphone, bass, and multitrack recording equipment.

Non-Profit / Volunteer Work

Currently, Matt volunteers with KEXP (90.3 FM and online at, where he is a music business contributor to Sound and Vision, (airing Saturdays 7-9am PST and via weekly podcast), providing story pitches, on air commentary regarding current music business events, and connecting hosts with artist resources.

From 2002-2004, Matt was an FCC certified disc jockey under the pseudonym “DJ Tanner” at WVPH-RLC The Core (also 90.3FM) in Piscataway, New Jersey, where he hosted the 2 hour radio show “DJ Tanner and the Full House of Rock”, showcasing the best of independent rock, electronic, alt-country and indie folk music.

Also in 2002, Matt co-founded the Rutgers University Musicians Guild, acting as Board Secretary and President from 2002-2004. Matt scaled the organization from 20 members upon founding to over 200 members when graduating. 18 years later, the Rutgers University Musicians Guild still provides a weekly platform and forum for musicians to perform, express themselves, meet each other, exchange and collaborate musically.


On the side, Matt Jasper plays guitar, bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, keyboards, and sings. He has written hundreds of songs, recording 5 albums between 2000-2010. He has performed extensively throughout Seattle, New York City, New Jersey and Long Island, with experience performing at regional tours throughout the Northeast and West Coast of the US.


Bored Games (2010)

As A Matter of Fact (2007)

The Distance Between (2004)

Thinking Back (2002)

Jasper Makes Music (2001)

Jasper Makes Music is the first album by Matt Jasper, released in 2001, after being recorded on a 4 track recorder in the fall of 2000. The artwork is based off of the similarly titled 1967 children’s book “Jasper Makes Music” by Betty Horvath, with beautiful illustrations by Fermin Rocker.

As part of launching this album reissue via Bandcamp, Matt will be donating all June 2020 proceeds of Bandcamp sales of the music album Jasper Makes Music, to the Center for Racial Justice In Education, a NYC based non-profit whose mission is to empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities.